UHF MRI Technology

RF-Lab head Dr.-Ing. Tim Herrmann

Research group for UHF MRI Technology

This research group aims to enhance the development of ultra high-field MRI systems. The main focus lies on the simulation-based UHF MR technology development for MRI RF coils, UHF RF resonators and static B1 shimming with dielectric pads.

MRI RF coils are the metrological interface between man and machine. A non-invasive insight into the human body is made possible by MRI RF coils. With the creation of the neuro-excellence center at the "Otto von Guericke" University, a major focus is on the development and evaluation of MRI head RF coils for functional brain imaging.

Currently, the MRI head RF coils are used in research studies that examine the neurophysiological differences between memory-athletes and normal test persons. These studies can provide a further insight into the function of the short- and long-term memory, particularly in relation to neurodegenerative diseases.

In collaboration with several partners this research group has already developed different head coils for brain imaging for 3T and 7T, which can be used specifically for visual and auditory experiments.

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